Integral Immersion

Taking Your Deeper Dive

Integral Immersion: Your Practice is Your Life

Facilitated by Diane Hamilton and Rob McNamara

An 8 Week TeleCourse
Saturday's 9am - 10:30 am MT
April 13th - June 1st 2013

8 weeks of active and embodied exploration into the actualization of adult development. The focus of this course will be to work with your own inquiry into the Practice of Your Life.

Course Syllabus

Week 1: Developmental Practices to Accelerate Personal Evolution
- Susanne Cook-Greuter’s research on post-egoic adult development takes form in powerful injunctions designed to evolve you through conscious engagement with the developmental spiral. Discover the next wave of integrative practices emerging in your life today.

Week 2: Swimming in your Embodiment, Tasting the Larger Experiential “Flex and Flow”
- Free yourself from shelf-worn narratives and discover newfound resources for facilitating your own experience of Life.

Week 3: Shadow Work Evolved, Living the life you are supposed to live.
- Turn toward your unlived story, embrace avoidance and resistance, and transmute the core life force within.

Week 4: Spiritual Cultivation, meditation on and off the cushion.  
- Clarify identity beyond personality. Leverage liberating insight to master the unique gifts of of personality and tap into the heart of service.

Week 5: Interpersonal Practices to Resculpt your Consciousness and Culture - Learn strategies to author and shape culture and consciousness in the collective We-space. Surf and surge with the undercurrent of your emerging leadership potential.

Week 6: The Next Wave of Masculine Power
- Grow your ability to give and receive one of the most neglected energies in relationship. Discover new dimensions of responsibility and authority in yourself and others.

Week 7: Your Evolved Feminine, Nurturing the Ability to Hold and Keep Company.  
-  Relax into empowereod receptivity and the experience of Kosmic Compassion. Find out how you are always both held by and created through a larger relational context.

Week 8: Technology, Cross-Cultural Communities & Integral Practices
- The power of diversity, the necessity of practice and the reach of technology. Explorations of a world beyond conventional ways of being and knowing. Your path forward in an uncertain and unknowable world.


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