Integral Immersion

Taking Your Deeper Dive

Your courses will meet every Saturday morning at 9:00 am MT via Maestro teleconferencing. Each call lasts 90 Minutes ending at 10:30 am MT. 

There are eight weekly calls in this series. Each call is recorded. Participants will receive access to download the mp3 recordings to keep for further study or in the case of missing a call.

Special 60 minute Q & A phone calls will be scheduled mid week at key intervals throughout your course.

If you choose, you can sign up for small group facilitation by senior practitioners or with facilitator Rob McNamara. These involve an additional 75 minute weekly commitment.

April 13th 2013
Week 1: Developmental Practices to Accelerate Personal Evolution

April 20th 2013
Week 2: Swimming in your Embodiment, Tasting the Larger Experiential “Flex and Flow”

April 27th 2013
Week 3: Shadow Work Evolved, Living the life you are supposed to live.

May 4th 2013
Week 4: Spiritual Cultivation, meditation on and off the cushion.  

May 11th 2013
Week 5: Interpersonal Practices to Resculpt your Consciousness and Culture

May 18th 2013
Week 6: The Next Wave of Masculine Power

May 25th 2013
Week 7: Your Evolved Feminine, Nurturing the Ability to Hold and Keep Company.  

June 1st 2013
Week 8: Technology, Cross-Cultural Communities & Integral Practices


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